5 - 11 OCT: Activities #GLS Berlin

The GLS German Language School offers the following activites:

The photo shows Martin Luther (the man in the middle). You'll hear about him on Tuesday:

TUE 6 October 2020

Seminar: Martin Luther

This seminar is about the monk Martin Luther (1483 - 1546). You'll probably know that he invented Protestanism. But did you know that he had a huge impact on the German we speak today? It goes back to his translation of the bible. Teacher: Cornelia

3 pm, room 136 in the GLS language school


WED 7 October 2020

Film: "Nirgendwo in Afrika" - Film in German language with subtitles in German 

Content: an Oscar-winning film about a Jewish family who fled from Nazi Germany to Kenya in 1938. See the trailer here

3 pm, room 115 in the GLS language school


THU 8 October 2020

City walk: Berlin's most famous boulevard - Unter den Linden

From Brandenburg Gate to Museum Island and the new Humboldt Forum near Alexanderplatz - a walk along "Unter den Linden" will lead you past a lot of Berlin's most famous sights: read more

Meeting point: 3 pm in the lobby of the GLS language school



Berlin has beautiful lakes, rivers, canals and even forests within its borders. Hiking can be wonderful in Berlin - just select the hike you like best on this website!