Credits for Sale

Hi, I have 150 Euros worth of credits for sale at the price of 120. That’s 20% off people!

Here’s my Email:


So what Are Credits?

Credits are money that can only be used for courses in GLS, i.e. Upgrading to Intensive/semi intensive, applying for courses, that kind of thing. THEY EXPIRE IN A YEAR.

Not sure if they can be used for accommodation upgrades. Gonna check tonight.


Why is it cheaper? 

I got them when I refunded my course. When courses are refunded, they only give us back credits, instead of money. (Which is kind of cheap in my opinion.) Now I’m leaving I want to turn it back into cash.


What do you do?

If you’re interested, send me an email, we both have to be present at the office at the same time. I fund your course with 150 Euros. You give me cash 120.


Is it legal?

Yes, that’s what the staff recommend me do. So don’t worry, it’s perfectly legal.