This community

... is a project of the GLS German Language School in Berlin and a platform for everyone who learns German with GLS.

About GLS

GLS is a language school in Berlin and offers German Courses for adults. GLS is frequented not only by international students, but also by Germans who learn English, French, Italian, Japanese or Spanish at the GLS Sprachschule or via GLS Sprachreisen i.e. language courses abroad.

This community is for you:

  1. help you find other GLS students from all over the world
  2. connect you with Germans who learn foreign languages and could be tandem partners
  3. encourage you to publish photos or photo stories about Berlin

Be creative & make money

We pay 10 € for each of your photos that we publish on or in our printed catalogue and 30 € for a photo story.


If you would like to be a Berlin reporter and want us to commission you with a story, please contact the GLS editor