Report for us

You are learning German in Berlin with GLS? Write a reportage about your experience, showcasing your photos. Log in to write a photo-reportage (and then click my page). Questions? Just contact us:

Earn 30 €

We pay 30 € for a photo-story meeting the criteria below. Collect your fee by sending us the link to your reportage when it´s online, ideally including your bank details.


Write in German or your native tongue. Your reportage should include a minimum of 10 photos. Write about what you think is of interest to others who consider learning German in Berlin. Just in case it helps here some suggestions:

  • GLS as a language school: the campus, facilities, the course as such
  • Berlin and the school´s location / neighbourhood
  • The excursions that GLS arranges for students, e.g. to Dresden or Leipzig
  • Top 10´s, e.g. the top 10 of your favourite must-sees in Berlin
  • Portraits or reviews, of films, theater pieces, performances that impressed you

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