19 - 25 OCT: Activities #GLS Berlin

This week we offer the following extracurricular activities in Berlin:


TUE 20 October 2020

Seminar: Weimar republic (1919 - 1933)

The Weimar Republic is the first German democracy. It began in 1918 and ended, when the Nazis came to power. In Berlin the 1920ies were an age of excess: wild, glamorous and morbid. Teacher: Gudrun

3 pm, room 136 in the GLS language school


WED 21 October 2020

Film: "Victoria" - Film in German language with subtitles in English 

Content: Victoria, a young woman fraim Spain, goes clubbing in Berlin - an award winning German film about night life in Berlin. See the trailer here

3 pm, room 115 in the GLS language school


THU 23 October 2020

City walk: Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg is the Berlin district where GLS is located.  Around 1900 this district used to be a poor peoples´ habitat. After WW II Prenzlauer Berg ended up in the communist part of Berlin - with many intellectuals and artists living here. After the fall of the wall the district boomed and became THE trend district in Berlin.

Meeting point: 3 pm in the lobby of the GLS language school



Berlin has beautiful lakes, rivers, canals and even forests within its borders. Hiking can be wonderful in Berlin - just select the hike you like best on this website!

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