28 SEP - 4 OCT: Activities #GLS Berlin

The GLS German Language School offers the following activites:

The photo shows a mural of Marlene Dietrich near the GLS German Language School in Berlin. Dietrich was one of the most famous German actresses, and the subject of film plays the main role in this week's leisure program:

Otherwise there are the following activities, organized and supervised by GLS:

TUE 29 September 2020

Seminar: German Cinema

We look at German film history - from silent movie classics of the 1920s to recent Oscar winners - and we discuss: How did the Nazis (ab)use film? What distinguishes East and West German films? What are the most interesting films right now?.Teacher: Gudrun

3 pm, room 136 in the GLS language school


WED 30 September 2020

Film: "Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei" - Film in German language with subtitles in German 

Content: An anti-capitalist comedy - two friends break into rich people's homes at night, homes of Berlin's upper class. They re-arrange the furniture and leave messages that are directed against the established bourgeoisie. See the trailer here

3 pm, room 115 in the GLS language school


THU 1 Octber 2020

City walk: exploring the school's neigbourhood = district Berlin Prenzlauer Berg with GLS guide Steph

Around 1900 this district used to be a poor peoples´ habitat. After WW II Prenzlauer Berg ended up in the communist part of Berlin - with many intellectuals and artists living here. After the fall of the wall the district boomed and became the trend district in Berlin.

Meeting point: 3 pm in the lobby of the GLS language school



Berlin has beautiful lakes, rivers, canals and even forests within its borders. Hiking can be wonderful in Berlin - just select the hike you like best on this website!