Berlin #GLS: August 17 - 23

See here what the GLS German Language School in Berlin offers as extra-curricular activities:

The weather forecast for the weekend is good - temperatures around 30 degrees. Ideal for spending time on the water. Berlin is full of rivers and lakes!

GLS is not able to organize group trips right now due to Corona, but you can rent a boat or canoe yourself - here for example.

Otherwise there are the following activities, organized and supervised by GLS:

TUE 18 August

Seminar: National Socialism (1933 - 1945)

National Socialism equals war, terror and the holocaust. How could the National Socialists establish their dictatorship? What role did art and education play? What does the Nazi past mean for Germans today? Teacher: Gudrun

3 pm, room 206 in the GLS language school


WED 19 August

Film: Die Welle - Film in German language with subtitles in German 

Content: Rainer, a teacher, decides to start an experiment to help his class understand how a dictatorship is created. He appoints himself as a leading figure and begins to establish new rules that revolve around discipline and community. Those who oppose the movement soon experience first-hand what it feels like to be an outsider. The situation soon gets out of control.." See the trailer here

3 pm, room 115 in the GLS language school


THU 20 August

Walk through Tiergaten park and the government quarter with GLS guide Steph

Meeting point: 3 pm in the lobby of the GLS language school