What? Meet new people! When? Every Monday at 6:30 o’clock! Why? Make friends!

What? Meet new people. When? Every Monday at 6:30 o’clock. Why? Make friends!

Whether you are new, a previous student or have been studying at the GLS German Language School in Berlin for a while, Stammtisch is the perfect way to start your week!

My name is Anna, I’m from Denmark and I have been in Berlin and studied at GLS since end of February. I’m in Berlin to improve my German before I start on a vocational education in South Germany this September.

This activity is a part of the GLS German Language School’s “Freizeitprogramm” (i.e. after-class activities), and it takes place weekly every Monday at 18:30. When you arrive at the school simply go to the lounge room (in winter) or the schoolyard (in summer) find the teacher in charge and register. Then you can pick up a free drink on the house! Beer lover or not, drinker or not, all are welcome. Though it is a must try to taste the German fizzy drink “Fritz-Kola”.

What is this event? Stammtisch literally means “regular table”. The German noun Stamm comes from the verb “stammen” which means to originate and the noun “Tisch” means table. So “Stammtisch” is an informal group gathering where you have the possibility to mingle with other students studying at GLS. You can easily make friends, small talk and share tips. We usually play card games, table tennis or whatever people feel like.

In winter times the Stammtisch takes place in the lounge room next to Student Info Point and when the weather allows, we love to enjoy the good weather and sit on the benches in our big peaceful schoolyard.

When Stammtisch ends at around 20 o’clock we tend to go to a local bar. Come along if you feel like it! Last time we went to the nearby Prater Garten (Bier Garten) on Kastanienallee.

Are you a completely German beginner? Then have no fear! We are all here to learn German, however, most people speak English too.

Stammtisch is a lovely way to kickstart your time at GLS ;)

School entry


The school's mini bar


Playing cards

Table tennis

The schoolyard


Prater Garten