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Hello everyone,

is anyone going to Language School in Sevilla, Spain from 19.02. - 08.03.24? If so we may get to know each other beforehand 😊

Hello Everyone,

Who will be going to GSL in Janaury 2024 to attend classes in the Berlin campus. It would be great to meet some people before classes start. Lets grab a drink if you are up for it. 

Hello GLS Students,

I studied GlS for 2 months in 2023. I have remaining Credit notes and would like to sell to GLS Students. 
The price for one week is 150 Euro. 
If someone are interested in, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,


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Hi everyone, is there someone that's going to GSL between Semptember 3rd and October 28th to attend German courses in person? It would be nice to meet someone beforehand!

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I start classes on the 4th and go through November!

Hallo liebe Community,

ist noch jemand in der 2. + 3. Mai-Woche 2023 in Kanadas Osten (Quebec, Toronto, Montreal) unterwegs? :)

Liebe Grüße